I opened my eyes on January 02, 1989 in a small city sarhari, sindh, Pakistan. Currently I am  living  in Karachi and doing my job here in The Scriptors as a Software Engineer.

Who I am in life.

My name is Zardari Saddam Hussain, I started my first class when I was seven-years old, and my primary education is from local schools, passed Intermediate from Nawabshah, Pakistan. In 2008 I got admission in QUEST University Nawabshah Pakistan and completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Systems Engineering in 2011.Currently doing my MSCS from Muhammad Ali Jinnah University (MAJU) Karachi, Sindh,Pakistan.

What life means to me.

Life is gift, so enjoy it. I enjoyed it and I will continue enjoying it. I am so sensitive sometimes I don’t bear the things out of decipline. I always make my rules and try to live by following them, that’s other thing that I always failed to follow rules of my own.

What I think about my future.

I have left my future on fate. But I want to be a good professional engineer. And my dream is to travel different countries of the world, especially Malaysia, UK, USA, UAE, and Egypt.

My Hobbies.

I love literature; I want to get involved in it. I also write articles, and short stories which are not published yet in any magazine but waiting in my dairies to be published.

That’s all thanks,